What's on your mind?

There are several ways for those moving into the Administration Building to provide input and get involved in the planning process.   

Everyone is encouraged to submit questions, comments and suggestions to (below) or drop a comment card in the physical suggestion box in Sadler Hall on the first floor.

Name (Optional)
Name (Optional)

What is a Transition Representative?

Transition Representatives have been appointed from each unit moving into the new building. These individuals can answer your questions and convey comments/suggestions to their respective unit heads. They will ensure that issues are addressed through information sessions, ongoing workplace transition communication and/or departmental communication. Transition Reps are a good overall resource for everyone.






Transition Team Sponsor
Each transition team sponsor is a member of the Chancellor’s Cabinet who serves as a liaison between his/her transition team and the overall Administration Building leadership group. The sponsor role is designed as a reference and support function for each transition team, along with serving as a voice for each transition team and its interests at the Cabinet level.

Transition Team Co-Chairs
Each transition team has selected two co-chairs, who serve as key points of contact and assistance for both the transition team sponsor and our partners at Gensler. Co-chairs share leadership responsibility with Gensler, and may be called upon to help plan and facilitate meetings, both at the transition team level and the town hall level. They also represent their respective transition teams during meetings with the larger co-chair group, which includes representatives from all transition teams.

Please inform a Transition Rep, your supervisor or unit head if you want to get more involved in the planning process. 


Transition Team Representatives

Workplace Experience

Sponsor: Yohna Chambers
Co-chairs: Kim Satz, Shelley Hulme

Alisa Cody, Jocelyn Rust, Julie Whitt, Karen Crouch, Kim Satz, Laura Hernandez, Laurel Cunningham, Leslie Galindo, Megan Murphey, Megan Soyer, Mariam MacGregor, Shelley Hulme, Sue McClellan, Tammy Smetters, Terrie Harbour


Sponsor: Tracy Syler-Jones
Co-chairs: Janine Kraus, Susan Nethery

Ali Rattan, Cheryl Taylor, Crystal Page, Gorland Mar, Holly Ellman, Janine Kraus, Kristen Taylor, Leslie Sanders, Linda Lopez, Mary Kincannon, Meredith Brunson, Susan Nethery, Sue McClellan, Tammy Smetters, Terrence Kennedy, Terri Gartner, Terry Haney, Victoria Chen


Sponsor: Brian Gutierrez
Co-chairs: Margaret Kelly, Pam Hartwell

Amy Peterson, Beverly Griffith, Bryan Lucas, Cheryl Kennon, Cindy Coffin, Celeste Lindell, Jeremy Steidl, Kristi Harrison, Kyle Parsons, Margaret Kelly, Michelle Franke, Michael Sanders, Pam Hartwell, Sharon Kassler, Terri Gartner, Walt Wallace


Sponsor: Kathy Cavins-Tull
Co-chairs: Diana Selman, Melissa Villegas

Andrew Arvay , Becky Beckham, Calen Jones, Cheryl Taylor, Dennis Alexander, Diana Selman, Evie Richardson, Gayla Todd, Kathy Brandon, Melissa Villegas, Pam Hartwell, Stacy Mason, Terrie Harbour, Terri Gartner, Terri Robinett, Trudy Conner


Sponsor: Bryan Lucas
Co-chairs: Candice Payne, Travis Soyer

Audie Kuhn, Audrey Crist, Candice Payne, Caroline Collier, Chris Hightower, Chris Lawler, Corey Reed, Cori Smit, Henry Sanchez, Kathryn Bishop, Kim Weber, Kristen Taylor, Leigh Holland, Megan Soyer, Mike Scott, Nick Whitesell, Travis Soyer, Walt Wallace