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Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your questions and comments. Questions and answers on this page will be updated regularly as plans for the new building progress.


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When will construction begin on the new building?

Construction is underway. The foundation work for the new Administration Building is complete and elevated formwork has begun.

How will we enter/exit the parking lot for the new building?

The building will create an entrance to campus from West Berry Street at Wabash Avenue, where visitors can enter into the circular drive to drop off guests at the front of the new Administration Building or turn west to park in the lot that will connect to Admissions. We will install a traffic light at the intersection of West Berry Street and Wabash Avenue in January 2020, at which time access to the parking lots for both the Administration Building and Admissions will be from Wabash Avenue.


Will we have reserved parking spaces so we don’t have to drive around looking for an open spot?

Reserved parking will be located in the Frog Alley Parking Garage near the Dee J. Kelly Alumni and Visitors Center. It will be much like the current situation in the Wabash lot (N lot), where access will be controlled and those with access will park in any open space.

How often will the shuttles run?

The shuttle schedule has not yet been determined, but we engaged a consultant to help us assess the structure of our shuttle system and his report has helped inform our structure and staffing. Our goal is to have a shuttle system that meets the needs of all faculty, staff and students.

Will you ask for input from staff on changes to the shuttle system?

We will determine changes to the shuttle system with help from the Parking/Shuttling Transition Team. Visit the "Contacts" page to see who to talk to about making sure your input is represented in the planning process.

Will there be designated areas for handicap parking?

Yes. There will be handicap accessible parking near the building and in the parking garage.

Have you thought about the lot behind Dutch’s for more parking?

The open lots behind Dutch’s are designated in the Facilities Master Plan to accommodate growth in academic/instructional space.

Will there be a loading zone for parking or delivery like there is near Sadler?


Will the parking in the Frog Alley Parking Garage be the same rate most of us pay now, or will that be only for those who pay the higher rate?

Parking rates will remain the same this year and we are still working on how parking will be assessed in the future. Stay tuned for more information regarding parking.

Will there be parking for mopeds or bicycles close to the building?


When reserved parking is moved to the Frog Alley Parking Garage, will more reserved spots be available for those on the waiting list?

In conjunction with DeAnn Jones, our parking specialist, we will determine available parking in the garage, needs of the buildings serving visitors (BLUU, Kelly Center) and then determine how many cars can be guaranteed parking. We hope to have an impact on the waiting list.


Is TCU still looking at alternative shuttle services/vendors? If so, what is the status of that project?

Yes. TCU is currently working on a feasibility study for the shuttle system. Details will be shared as information is available. 


Are color palettes and furniture decisions finalized?

Yes. Each division/unit has selected the colors and materials for its area. Also, decisions regarding furniture pieces and styles are complete.

Will there be TVs in the Town Square so we can enjoy a show while we eat?

Yes! Cable-ready TVs, including a few that can display an image from your mobile device to facilitate collaboration and feedback, will adorn the walls of the dining area.

Will there be a kitchen area?

There will be break areas in the building that will have refrigerators, microwaves, ice machines, etc. The University will provide coffee and water for employees and guests.

Can you describe what the dining/break area will look like?

While we will have a nice café/break area in the building, its exact design has not yet been determined. If you would like to engage in the concept and planning process, please visit the "Contacts" page to find Transition Team Representatives to share your ideas with.

Space / Privacy / Noise

Will we have a stand-up desk option?

Yes, a flexible or stand-up desk is something that we are prioritizing for all employees.

Will there be private areas for those who have frequent calls and visitors?

Yes. All of these issues are considered in the configuration of offices and desks, conference spaces, types of technology needed for private work and acoustics of the building.

How can you ensure FERPA will be maintained?

Privacy and confidentiality issues related to how we conduct business are important and will be thoroughly addressed during the planning process.

What about those of us who are easily distracted with open concept and noise?

This is a common question when moving to an open workplace setting. We are looking closely at workplace layout, pedestrian flow, noise reduction and other features designed to minimize distractions.

Will there be enough separation between each staff member?  

While specific workstation and furniture layout decisions have not yet been finalized, we are paying close attention to appropriate spacing.

How will environmental controls (light, air, noise, visual distractions, etc.) be assessed to support individual needs?

It is too early in the process to answer this question specifically. These important details will be carefully considered and addressed during the planning process.

Do other universities have buildings like this with non-traditional workspaces?

Yes. Open workplace environments are becoming more common at universities and exist at Vanderbilt, Rice, Wake Forest, Oklahoma State University, University of Denver and George Washington to name a few.

Will everyone have an assigned work space?

Yes. The new building will also feature additional flex spaces for everyone, supporting a variety of work activites.


What is the plan for security in case of weather or active shooter?

Office security is a priority for this and all buildings. Because there is more open workspace in this building, we will plan to provide greater security at the entry and core of the building. We will use technology to help with security and also employ hosts at the front entry. We will develop specific plans and training programs for a range of safety-related scenarios including active shooter and severe weather.

How will cash be handled in the new cashier’s office?

Some business processes are very specific to particular departments and are best determined by those departments. The handling of cash is a good example. The Office of Finance and Administration will work through this important function during the planning process.


Is everyone moving to laptops? How will people be effective if they are mobile?

As Chief Technology Officer, Bryan Lucas, stated in the information sessions, appropriate technology across campus is critical. We will be sure the new Administration Building and its occupants have access to technology that enables everyone to be as productive, efficient and effective as possible. There will be opportunities during the planning process for users to “test” new ways of using technology and conducting business based on their respective responsibilities.

How many printers will each office have?

This has not yet been determined. A Technology Transition Team will be looking closely at the most effective and efficient way to utilize printers and copiers.


What is the plan for ongoing communication about the building?

The leadership team is currently reviewing a comprehensive communication and employee engagement plan for the new building. Upon approval, details of that plan will be shared at upcoming town hall meetings, through Transition Teams and division leaders.

Are there still ways for me to contribute to the building’s plans, functionality, technology, etc.?

Yes. You are encouraged to reach out to any of the Transition Team co-chairs to determine what support is needed and how you may contribute.

What will happen to the white house located at the corner of Wabash Avenue and W. Berry Street when construction begins on the new building?

That property is privately owned and the owner plans to remain living in the home.

Can we have a cabinet in the restroom for supplies?

We will pass this request to the Physical Plant staff for their consideration.

Can someone show us the best way to go paperless?

This is something that we will work on as we prepare for the new building. We are investigating appropriate technology to assist us in the management of our work. IT is considering utilizing ImageNow (digital file cabinet) as one part of the solution. We will need lots of involvement from those who deal with records to select effective tools for workflow and then help with the training of our colleagues.

Where will Human Resources be located?

The Human Resources Office will be located at 2701 West Berry Street. You may know this building as the La Mancha Business Centre or formerly as the University Church of Christ or West Berry Church of Christ. There will be shuttle access to this building.


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