Celebrating Collaboration and Movement

The flexibility of our future workplace depends on integrating the right technology to create a more accessible and effective environment for employees and visitors. With the help of the Technology Transition Team, we want to empower each of you with a full understanding of the applications and capabilities of the new technology (both software and hardware) in the new Administration Building.



We are taking full advantage of this opportunity to find the latest technology to support both digital and face-to-face collaboration. The new technology in the Administration building will enable easy access to meeting spaces for each employee, with a variety of available room sizes, furniture settings, technology capabilities and reservation systems. These enhancements will have a positive impact on our existing collaborative culture.



There are numerous benefits to an open plan office. We recognize open plans are not ideal for every work activity. In response, we are examining how technology can empower you to choose from a number of diverse, alternative worksettings. Imagine moving easily around the office, from quiet focus rooms to buzzing collaboration areas, with each space perfectly equipped to support your needs.



The Technology Transition Team is committed to helping each employee take full advantage of the new technologies. Keep an eye out for emails from the Technology Transition Team with resource guides and details for in-person training sessions, orientations and workshops.


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