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Start spring off right by organizing your space

Kick off your spring cleaning by organizing your workspace. A disorganized desk can result in an hour and a half of lost productivity each day, according to Donald E. Wetmore, founder of the Productivity Institute. Conversely, a well-organized workspace can help you feel more in control and eliminate distractions—positioning you for success and helping you stay productive.

 Here are some easy ways to help you clear your desk and get organized:

 •    Divide your workspace into zones. Separate your workspace, so you have zones for your daily functions, including a computer area, an active file area and a clear space for working with paper documents. Thinking about your activities can help you lay the foundation for organizing the rest of your space. 

•    Give everything a home. The only things that should be on your desk are items that you use frequently; everything else should have a designated spot out of sight and out of the way to provide a clear space to work.

•    Don’t forget about your desktop. Delete, organize and rearrange the files on your computer so they are in easy-to-find places. Don’t let hundreds of files fill up that “downloads” folder or hang around on your desktop. This advice also applies to emails. Create folders to help you organize email by project or person and delete items you have already addressed.

•    Clear out the junk drawer. We all have that one drawer that we throw anything and everything into: pens, paper clips, candy, snacks, etc. Clean out and organize this space so it can be utilized effectively. Then establish a recurring date to clear out anything that’s not being used. 

•    Disinfect! We come in contact with so many people throughout the day, so eliminating germs where we spend the most time can help us stay out of the doctor's office. Disinfect the items on your desk that you regularly touch, such as your keyboard, mouse, stapler, phone receiver and, of course, your smartphone.

Elizabeth Braun