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Parking and Shuttling

Guest Post: Kathy Cavins Tull


By now, you’re beginning to adopt new habits around the change in parking. Some have maybe made a new connection or had the opportunity to talk to a colleague while taking the shuttle. Others have tried out the walk between the parking garage and their workplace. Either way, our new normal is starting to take hold.

Coming into the New Year, I decided that with the change in parking, I had the opportunity to get a few more steps into my day. I have tracked my steps and learned that walking from the parking garage to my office in Sadler Hall was somewhere between .42 and .48 miles depending on my route. It generally takes me about eight minutes to walk that distance in the morning and about 30 seconds less at the end of my work day. I have regularly added a few more steps in my day because I am choosing to stay on or close to campus for lunch and walking there instead of leaving campus by car.

So I began to imagine what an extra 15 minutes of walking a day might look like over time. Here are some things that I found:

  1. A 2014 study at Stanford University found that students who walked just eight minutes could generate 60 percent more uses for an object – a judge of their creativity. (The Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory and Cognitio, 2014).

  2. People who exercised as little as 15 minutes per day on average lived longer (two-part series on 60 Minutes called “90+”).

  3. Dr. Thomas Frieden, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, stated that walking is the closest thing we have to a wonder drug”, affecting joint issues, cardiovascular issues and even our sweet tooth (5 surprising benefits of walking, Harvard Health Publishing)

When I think about January 2 and the days following, I remember fumbling over shoes – packing work shoes, deciding on the best walking shoes and figuring out how to transport them. Likewise, I have needed to think ahead about either packing a lunch, eating on or close to campus or planning my day to go get my car. At first, this change seemed complicated and a little clunky, but I realized this morning that I have created a new routine. I see different parts of campus, get a little fresh air and walk with others when I can. I feel like there has been some growth for me in this change and the challenges that I experience from time to time are all part of new opportunities.

I can imagine that this is just one change among many that we will experience in the next several months as we prepare to move to our new building. Share your stories and successes, tips for travel and new routines. We’ll post them and see if we can create some interest around ideas that contribute to community, make us more creative and keep us healthy!

It’s a great day to be a Horned Frog!


Elizabeth Braun