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Making the most of the Town Square

Forget the idea of working through lunch while eating at your desk—office dining areas, like the Town Square, create the perfect space for both impromptu and purposeful meetings and provide a more comfortable place to enjoy your lunch.

The Town Square is a space designed to facilitate socializing, relaxing and, of course, eating. Here’s a handful of ways you can use the area:

1.    Get a cup of coffee with a friend or colleague —Show off your barista skills as you grab a cup of joe from the high-end coffee machine, then enjoy it over a chat.

2.    Have impromptu meetings, catch up on the news or cheer the Horned Frogs to victory against a rival team—cable-ready TVs, including a few that can display an image from your mobile device to facilitate collaboration and feedback, will adorn the walls of the dining area.

3.    Enjoy the view—Need a change of scenery? Windows in the Town Square will overlook the plaza and fountain area near West Berry Street, and the variety of seating options (individual booths, family-style tables and lounge areas) provide plenty of flexible seating for you to spread out, relax, work and eat.

4.    Eat your leftovers, for a change—We’re eliminating an excuse for not eating leftovers by incorporating three full-sized refrigerators to accommodate drinks and meals, and four microwaves to heat (or reheat) your food.

5.    Make new friends—This space is intended for mingling, so sit, talk, mix and mingle when you need a quick break from the task at hand. The Town Square is an essential ingredient for enriching our collaborative culture.

Elizabeth Braun