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I’ve "bin" waiting for this

Guest Post: Brian Gutierrez

You may have noticed large trash bins in the stairwells of Sadler Hall. Although we are not moving until the end of summer 2020, these bins are in place for the eager beavers who want to take advantage of the summer and clean their workspace. The containers, which are now labeled, are for disposing of books, journals, empty binders and other non-furnishing or equipment items that you no longer need.

Please do not use these bins to dispose of reports, documents or electronic storage devices containing sensitive and personal information—aka SPI—including an individual’s name, address or telephone number combined with information such as Social Security number, credit/debit card number, financial/salary data or driver license number. Secure containers for these materials will be made available in the coming weeks.

A complete list of confidential data is available in TCU’s Sensitive Personal Information Policy, and Yohna Chambers, vice chancellor for Human Resources, is heading up a committee that will provide additional guidance about archiving and records retention. In the meantime, feel to pitch the maps, bobble-heads and the old Rubik’s cube that couldn’t be put back together.


Shelley Hulme